Safety Winter Covers

1. The
original loop-loc safety swimming pool cover

The world’s first safety cover
for decked on-ground pools!

  • Unique, patented bracket fits all types of decks
  • Built super-strong, LOOP-LOC On-Ground provides an effective barrier
    against wandering children & pets
  • Goes on & off in a snap
  • Mesh fabric requires no scrubbing and powdering when you remove
  • Unlike solid water-bag covers, mesh lets rain pass through.

No hazardous standing water collect on top, so LOOP-LOC On-Ground stays
dry and beautiful in any weather

2. Loop-loc on-ground
swimming pool cover

3. Loop-Loc SOLID
The first solid pool cover good enough to come from LOOP-LOC!

  • Manufactured from solid green virgin reinforced vinyl fabric
  • Each cover is built with two drain panels custom designed and positioned
    to promote maximum drainage
  • Black mesh drain panel fabric greatly reduces the amount of sunlight
    filtering through to your pool
  • Custom made to conform exactly to your pool’s shape
  • To maintain safety standards, all standing water, such as melting
    snow and rain, must be immediately pumped off the cover on a regular
    basis with a weighted cover pump (available through your pool dealer).