Weekly Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Weekly cleanings include: checking of chemical
balance; brushing pool tiles; skimming the water surface; vacuuming, emptying
skimmer and pump basket, brushing walls and floors, and backwashing filter
systems when necessary
Seasonal Service Contract
Your Seasonal Service Contract includes the following
  1. Opening
    a. Removal of cover and waterbags
    b. Installation of filter and pump
    c. Vacuum
    d. Chemicals
    * Replacement of any broken parts, upon
    your approval, will be at an additional charge.
  2. Weekly or Biweekly Maintenance
    a. Vacuum
    b. Chemical analysis
    c. Backwash the filter
    d. Chemicals added as needed unless otherwise
  3. Closing
    a. Vacuum
    b. Chemicals
    c. Winterization (blow out lines, antifreeze
    d. Cover the pool (secured with rope and
    * any items not already owned
    by customer (gizmo, rope, waterbags etc.) will be supplied
    at an additional cost.
  4. Does not include parts, repairs, or installation.

    A 50% deposit is required prior to your opening. Another 25%
    is payable by July 1st, and the final 25% is due at the time
    of your closing.

    Contract Amount $ _________ Deposit $ _________ Check
    # ______________
    * Balance Due $ _________ Received By ____________________________
    Last Name __________________ First Name ______________________
    Address _________________________________________________
    __________________ , NY _______ Tel.:
    Customer Signature _________________________________________________
    * Any additional work not listed in this
    contract must be paid upon job completion.
    * If additional charges are applied see other invoices

SPARKLING CLEARWATER is providing the highest quality
pool supplies and chemicals to maintain the proper chlorine, PH and

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